Successful Outcomes

Our team at Sentryl Academy has decades of experience working with students of all types. We customize our approach and solution for each student we work with, and believe that when our students care, then success can be achieved.

Service Offerings

We work with students of various skill levels, including: gifted students, students who are struggling, and Special Education students (Learning Disabilities, Autism, ADD/ADHD, Asperger’s Syndrome, Dyslexia, Dyscalculia)

We work with students in grades K-12, college, graduate school, and adult education.

Subjects include:  K-12 subject tutoring, all Mathematics, all Science, English & Language Arts, Economics, History, and Advanced Placement Courses.

We have specialists to aid with: 504 Plan consultation, and IEP guidance

Language Training (Reading, Writing, Typing, Speaking, Accent Reduction, Listening, Grammar, Vocabulary Development, Non-Verbal Communication, Pragmatics, and Standardized Test Prep)

Test Preparation includes:  AP Tests, ACT, SAT, GRE, LSAT, State Proficiency Testing, U.S. Citizenship Test.

Additional College Preparation Services Include:  College Application Essay Assistance, College Application Process Guidance, Scholarship Application Guidance, and Scholarship Essay Assistance.

We also provide assistance for:  Applying for U.S. Citizenship, Multi-cultural training, destination guidance, and resume composition. 

Feedback from our Clients

ACT/SAT Test Prep

“I can’t thank Joe and the Sentryl team enough, they helped my daughter raise her ACT score from 29 to 35. She is now a Freshman in the Ivy League.

  • South Russell

“By working with Joe, my daughter improve her
ACT score from 28 to 34″

  • Hudson

“Joe and the team at Sentryl have helped all
three of my children with Mathematics, Science,
& ACT preparation”

  • Chagrin Falls

“My son and daughter both worked with Sentryl
to prepare for the ACT, scoring 33 and 35, thank
you Joe!”

  • Kenston

“Joe helped my daughter overcome her test anxiety. After working with him, her ACT score went from 19 to 26.”

  • Solon

College Applications & Essays

“My daughter worked with Joe on both her college application essays and scholarship applications. With his help she was accepted to Miami University and received a large grant/aid package”

  • Solon

“Joe helped me with my common application and college essays. I was accepted into 12 out of the 13 schools I applied to, including my first choice. Thanks Joe!”

  • Chagrin Falls

“Thank you for helping my daughter through this process(college application & essay)! You have been such a stress relief to her.”

  • Aurora

“Thank you for all of your help! My essay is awesome!

  • Stow

Working with Families

“Joe and the team at Sentryl have helped all three of my children with Mathematics, Science, AP tests and ACT preparation”

  • Chagrin Falls

“My grandson is now in his fifth year of sessions with Joe and Sentryl. When they began, he was over a year behind in math for his grade level, and now is taking college math and science courses in high school.”

  • Twinsburg

“My son worked with Joe to address his testing anxiety and prepare for college admissions. His ACT score increased from 19 to 25.”

  • Bainbridge


“Joe was a huge help to my daughter when she needed some tutoring. He was patient and supportive while holding her accountable as well. He was also very flexibile with scheduling. He was always willing to meet prior to a quiz or test and gave her extra time when needed. I highly recommend Joe without reservation.”

  • Chagrin Falls

“Stephen used real life examples in teaching my daughter fractions. She was able to cut up different types of fruit to understand denominators and numerators in fractions. The one on one intervention has been so important to learning as well as her self confidence.”

  • Birmingham

“Joe has tutored my child through several honors math courses as well as a college math course. He is brilliant and has an unbelievable ability to get students to understand very complex and difficult coursework. It always amazes me how my child will go into a session with him lost and confused, then come out fluent on the subject, getting an A on a test the next day. Joe has also been very flexible, adapting to our schedules even last minute.”

  • Chagrin Falls

GRE Test Preparation

“Joe helped my daughter raise her GRE score by 23 points in just a few weeks, she is now a graduate student at Georgetown University.”

  • Beachwood

“My daughter worked with Joe for less than a month, and was able to raise her GRE score by 19 points and was accepted by her top choice graduate school.”

  • Hudson

Learning Disability Services

“Joe helped my son with his dyslexia. The amount his reading has improved is amazing, thanks so much!”

  • Medina

“My daughter worked with Stephen for 6 months. When she began working with Stephen she was in the 2nd semester of 6th grade and was reading on a 2nd/3rd grade level. He worked with her on the phonetics of the English language by breaking down the sounds each letter makes. Once she had an understanding of the sounds she was then able to use that knowledge in order to read the words. In the 6 months that he worked with her, she improved to. 7th grade fiction reading level. I highly recommend his services. The one on one intervention has been so important to learning as well as her self confidence with reading.”

  • Birmingham

“We were blessed with the opportunity to work with Stephen after the school determined a significant gap between my son’s fluency and his ability to recall and comprehend what he reads.  His imagery skills were basically nonexistent and we struggled with basic grammar as well. Most of our homework includes art, games and things that my child is interested in.”

  • Mobile

“Despite over half or more of our sessions being via Zoom due to Covid, Stephen was able to captivate and maintain my son’s attention and we made significant progress despite the less than ideal conditions.”

  • Detroit

“I highly recommend Stephen if your child is struggling in the areas of reading, and speech, has a language disorder, not making progress in the areas of language, speech, reading, and comprehension in regards to their IEP goals, or needing someone to make recommendations to your IEP team or teachers on presentation of materials.”

  • Birmingham

“Stephen is an absolute dream to work with!”

  • Columbus

“His patience and his faith in my son are what set Stephen apart.”

  • Birmingham

“Stephen identified quickly that my son is a natural environment learner and tailored everything to fit his learning style.  I loved how he gave us things to work on at home that were practical and didn’t feel like actual work.”

  • Solon

“Stephen worked with my son at his school and even through distant learning during the Covid pandemic.”

  • Akron

“My son is on the more severe end of the Autism spectrum with a severe receptive and expressive language disorder.  It is very difficult to find someone who not only has the skill set to work with him but the desire.  Throughout their time together they worked on imagery, comprehension, prepositions, verb tenses, adjectives, fluency, comparing and contrasting skills, and inferencing.”

  • Birmingham
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